Storage Tips

Every person has a different set of needs for their Storage Space in Tigard.

  • Are you simplifying your life while trying to actually park your car in the garage?
  • Are you waiting for the closing of your dream house while temporarily living in a small apartment?
  • Are you stationed overseas and need a safe place to secure your life’s belongings?
Each of these scenarios has different storage needs. We can walk you through the questions to ask before selecting a unit.
All of our storage units are quite tall, almost 10 feet, so you can save money by stacking it up. If you load the unit like a moving company loads their moving vans, you can fit a lot in these units. A mover will do things like loading a couch up on end, removing table legs and filling in all the space between items to sturdy the load. Remember all drawers and cabinets are free spaces to fill up. But the mover is only going to load and unload their truck once.
If you need to access items in your unit often, you might want to plan ahead and load the back of the unit with "deep storage" items, and keep items you need access to in the front. To gain greater access to your belongings you might want to go one size up so you can leave a walkway. You can leave a single walkway down the center or load items along the walls for a U-shaped aisle. For items that go by the door think “seasonal”. We know the house is supposed to close in November but just in case, plan for Halloween or Thanksgiving or Christmas. Don’t forget camping or fishing or picnicking. Just a little organization will make life easier.
When moving day comes remember that the first things off the truck will probably go to the rear of the unit. Organize the seasonal items together to load near the front of the truck. Remember to always keep heavy items on the bottom.