A Starting Guide to Cutting the Cord

An increasingly popular practice for those wanting to save money is to cancel their expensive cable or satellite television services and replace it with streaming services. Cutting the cord, as it is known, is gaining popularity and cable companies are scrambling to try to catch up to the current trend while protecting their business interests. One of the challenges to cutting the cord is that people want the same convenience and programming that they’ve had with their cable and satellite packages.

At Safeguard Mini Storage Units in Tigard, OR, we like to save money as much as anyone else. When we set out to determine if this trend could actually save us money, we found that it was not as simple as selecting one service and subscribing to it. We’d love to help you with these challenges by sharing our experiences in shopping and comparing options.

Over-the-air (OTA) antenna

The first step for many is to explore their free TV options with a simple antenna and, in some cases, a digital converter box. If you live in a mountainous or rural area, you will need to find an antenna with a longer range. Most OTA antennae are sold with a signal booster. Many people boast of their dozens of free channels that they receive with this setup. While true, many of the channels that can be received are not those that one would spend time actually watching.

Streaming from cable/satellite company

In an effort to conserve business, many cable/satellite companies have launched pared down, streaming services that can be watched on your smart television, phone, tablet or computer. Prices seem to start reasonably enough, but they quickly climb as you add more channels. If you’ve subscribed to a cable/internet/phone bundle, you can often keep the discounted prices after you cut the cord by keeping one of these packages.

Independent streaming option, e.g. Sling, YouTube Live, Hulu Live, etc.

Also popular are packages from these streaming services. Sling is often a top choice for sports lovers since they offer some of the best sports channels. Hulu Live is popular since it gives viewers access to live sports, sitcoms, movies, etc.

Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Netflix, CBS All Access, and premium channels

With the opportunity to binge watch series, these are very popular with many. Having access to scads of content, these options give quite a bang for the buck. With monthly subscription rates from about $7 per month, you will likely be able to find content that suits your needs. In fact, recent surveys of favorite services for cord cutting, most respondents responded that they had at least one of these such add-ons, with almost 60 percent having more than one.

In the end, we found that we each were able to find an option that worked for us, but none were the same. If you’ve set up a killer cord cutting setup that’s saved some money, pop in and tell us about it at our nearby Portland self storage, Safeguard Mini Storage.