How to get your Yard ready for Summer Fun

Summer has finally arrived! With the first day of summer finally in effect this month we can begin our summer activities outdoors with our friends and family. Before you can get the party started you may need to spend some time cleaning up your yard. To help you with the cleaning and organizing process we at Safegard Mini Storage in Tigard, Oregon have created a list to help you get your yard ready for summer fun.


Remove the Trash Build-Up

Winter and Spring weather brings in fierce winds. The winds tend to carry various debris and trash that end up getting trapped in your yard. Once the snow and ice clear you will definitely notice how much has accumulated over the past few months. Once the trash is bagged and removed, take the time to pick up any fallen branches or twigs. You can save them for later when it’s time to gather around the summer fire pit.


Trim and Prune your Plants

Trimming and pruning your worn bushes, trees, shrubbery, and plants that were left standing in the fall, as well as other winter-worn plants that need it will keep your landscape healthy and thriving for the warmer seasons. Be careful not to prune you plants too much and remove healthy growth.


Tend to the Lawn

While most over seeding should be done in the fall, you can do thinner areas in the spring if you notice any rough spots in your lawn. This way your lawn should be lush and green when you are ready to enjoy the warmer season. Next, wait until the grass is at least 4-5 inches tall before you resume regular mowing. Doing this will ensure your grass to be green and thriving for the warmer months ahead.


Bring out the Patio Storage

When the weather warms up enough for you to enjoy being outside in the fresh air, it is time to finally bring your patio furniture out of storage. Having them placed in a storage unit at Safegard Mini Storage in Tigard, Oregon guarantees that they will be ready for use when spring finally arrives. A good dusting and maybe a wash of the linens to your patio furniture will make them look pristine and ready for you to enjoy.