Tips for Living with a Roommate


At some point in your life you might be faced with living with a roommate. Depending on who you decide to room with will determine how easy or hard it can be. We at Safegard Mini Storage, 97223 are there for you in all of your storage needs and living tips. Below are some tips for you to try when you are planning on living with a roommate.


Set some Ground Rules

The key to living with someone else peacefully is to sit down and have an honest talk with one another. Let your roommate know what tends to get on your nerves. Such things could include not immediately loading the dishwasher when you are done eating or leaving the toilet roll empty. Establishing ground rules will help to prevent any future fights.


Be Realistic

Living with someone else will never be absolutely perfect. You will have to cater to each other’s needs to make it a peaceful environment to live in. You will also need to be realistic about the amount of space you are both living in. Smaller spaces will take getting used to and some good organization skills. Often times getting a storage unit for the valuable you wish to keep but don’t have the room for can help. At Safegard Mini Storage you can get the perfect self-storage unit to fit all of your items at the perfect price.


Divide the Chores

While this may seem like something you would do with your future children, it can help create a fair and peaceful living arrangement. If one person is left doing the dishes all the time, a fight is sure to arise. Sit down with your roommate and divide the necessary house chores evenly. It is suggest that you each take turns doing the variety of chores needed so you don’t get burned out doing one specific task all of the time. Don’t get on your roommates case everyday about the chores. Come up with a system to hold each other accountable. Make sure you take into account your weekly schedules as well.