How Indoor Storage can Benefit You


When you are deciding between an indoor or an outdoor storage unit you need to look at all the benefits you can receive from each. We at Safegard Mini Storage in Beaverton, Oregon can provide you with a variety of options when it comes to storage units. To help you in deciding we have provided you with the benefits an indoor storage can provide.


Protection from Extreme Temperatures

As the year goes on and the season change, the temperature does as well. If you plan on storing items for a long period of time you want to consider the changes in temperature it will have to tolerate. With the possibility of having an extremely hot summer to a below freezing winter, you want to ensure the quality of your items will not be effected by these sudden temperature changes. With an indoor storage unit you can have peace of mind knowing that the unit is maintained at a base temperature.


Air Quality

Another advantage of renting an indoor storage unit is the improved air quality within your rented storage space. Improved circulation of the air and maintained temperature means less of a chance of dust collecting on your stored items. This is especially important if you are considering storing valuable electronics.


Protection from the Elements

Because an indoor storage unit is within a facility, you particular unit is protected from hazardous elements. An indoor storage facility will be protected from any potential flooding and dirt. There is even more protection against bugs and rodents finding their way into your unit.


When storing important items you want to have peace of mind knowing that your items will remain safe and in their highest quality. With an indoor storage unit at Safegard Mini Storage in Beaverton, Oregon you will have the additional protection you need that an outdoor storage unit won’t be able to provide. Our indoor storage units are constantly monitored and our staff is always ready and willing to help you in any of your storage needs. Please call us today for additional information regarding our indoor storage units.