Pro-Tips for Organizing your Apartment


When it comes to organizing an apartment you often have to get creative. Apartments don’t come with all of the storage space you might need and your living space is often limited. To help you through the organization process you can trust Safegard Mini Storage in Beaverton, Oregon to provide you with the storage space you need. We have also gathered some pro-tips for organizing the items you need every day in your new apartment.


Pack Smart

Getting off on the right foot in organization always helps. This starts as early as when you begin to pack up your belongings from your old place. If you pack by room and label all your boxes you can have an easier time during the unpacking process. It is also beneficial if you go through and decide what items you can toss, donate, or place in a storage unit at Safegard Mini Storage in Beaverton, Oregon. Think of this as a fresh start in your new apartment and get rid of the stuff that tends to just collect dust.


Creative Storage Solutions

Finding creative ways to store your items in your apartment will help you get the most out of your new space. By purchasing furniture with built in storage you can get the most use out of your everyday necessities. Purchasing items such as ottomans and side tables allow you to get multiple uses out of one piece of furniture. Be creative and use what you have. Another tip is to always think up. Take advantage of the height of your walls and install shelving and build bookcases. This is the best way to maximize your storage opportunities.


Don’t Waste Available Space

There are often spaces we could use for storage that we just don’t think about. By purchasing shallow totes or plastic bins you can store extra clothing or blankets under the bed. Take advantage of the space behind your door with hanging door storage in your bathroom and kitchen. Install hanging hooks to hang coats, towels, or bath robes.