How to Properly Store your Camping Gear


While you might be getting full use of your camping gear now, you need to think about when the summer months are over and it’s time to store your camping gear for the cold winter months. To help you, Safegard Mini Storage in Portland can provide you with a self-storage unit to help you in keeping your camping gear safe, secure, and out of the way. Below are some steps you should take before placing your camping gear in storage.



In order to keep your tent in working order, it is important to make sure your tent in clean and dry before letting it sit in storage. If weather permits, set up your tent at home to make sure every surface, inside and out, is dry. Once the tent is dry, clean out the tent of any remaining dirt or plant life. By taking the time to make sure your tent is clean and dry you prevent the growth of unwanted mold and mildew.


Sleeping Bags

Sleeping bags can easily get dirty and trap unwanted materials in its folds. After your camping trip, shake out your sleeping bag and undo all the zippers and folds to make sure all the dirt is out of it. Washing your sleeping bag in a front loading washing machine before storing it is highly recommended. Hang it to dry on a hanger or lying flat. Make sure the sleeping bag is completely dry and placed in its sack before storing.


Camping Accessories

Camping accessories can be anything from electronics to cooking utensils. You want to ensure the cleanliness of these items as well. Removing batteries from flashlights, GPS devices, or other battery powered electronics will help protect them from potential corrosion. You can store all the batteries together in a plastic bag near your camping electronics to have them ready for your next camping adventure. When it comes to cooking utensils make sure they are scrubbed clean and don’t have any remaining food particles. By placing all cooking gear in a duffle bag or storage bins will not only keep it safe in storage, but will allow for easiness in preparing for your next adventure.


After you have made all the necessary preparations you can drop off your camping gear in your self-storage unit at Safegard Mini Storage in Portland and not have to worry about it during the winter months. When summer rolls around again your camping gear will be ready to go for your next camping adventure.