Preparing and Organizing your Nursery



If you have a little one on the way you need to make sure you are prepared. The nursery is just one of the many aspects you need to have ready for when you get to bring your bundle of joy home. With the help of a storage unit at Safegard Mini Storage in Portland, OR and the tips listed below you can have the nursery of your dreams. 


Foldable Bins

These nifty little storage totes are great for your nursery. These storage bins can be used in a variety of places in your little one’s room. They are made of cloth and can be folded up when you aren’t using them anymore. Bring out your creativity and decorate these bins to go along with the theme of your nursery. These can act as a statement piece while storing all of the baby essentials.


Closet Dividers

You will be surprised to find out how fast your child will outgrow their clothing. While you are preparing for all of their growth spurts you will be buying a variety of sizes in clothing. To keep everything separated and organized you can purchase closet dividers. These easily allow you to label and divide your child’s clothing by size


Crib Storage

Your child’s crib will be the largest piece of furniture in their nursery. Make it twice as useful by utilizing its free spaces for storage. Hanging storage can be placed at the end of the crib. You can keep small clothing accessories or other baby essentials here. Just make sure your little one can’t grab anything that may be harmful. Take advantage of the space you have below your crib as well. Plastic bins fit neatly beneath the crib and can store extra diapers, wipes, or even toys.



As your child grows you are bound to gather a large collection of books and toys. Keep everything organized and give it its own space with a bookcase in your nursery. Place the bookcase within reach of your child once they are old enough to actively grab the toys they wish to play with. Use foldable cloth bins within your bookcase to keep everything organized.


Laundry Hampers

You can either create or purchase a cute laundry hamper for you little one’s room. You will realize you are using this hamper several times a day as your child seems to always make a mess. Keeping your child’s clothes up and out of the way can help you to keep their nursery clean and organized throughout your busy day.