Packing Tips for Your Storage Unit



When you rent a storage unit from Safegard Mini Storage in Tigard, OR you will want to make sure you are getting the most out of your storage space. Having all of your items prepared and packed correctly before placing it in your unit is a must. Below are some tips we have gathered to help you in packing for your storage unit.


Put a Lid on It

Anything left unboxed can get dusty and damaged. Boxes should be filled to capacity to keep from getting damaged or bent in by heavier boxes. For boxes that are half-full, fill the rest of the space with packing peanuts to cushion and protect your items.


Label Everything

It is so important to start organized. Label all the boxes with the contents that lie within. Nothing is worse than having to search for one particular item in the future and not being to find it. Using precise notes and labeling boxes with a sharpie can help you avoid the hassle in the future.


Weigh It

The moving process can be tricky. Don’t make it harder on yourself by packing boxes past your ability to move in regards to the weight limit. Make sure the weight is evenly distributed within the boxes to ensure easy carrying. Items may shift during the move so it is important to make sure your boxes are filled to full capacity with fillers like packing peanuts.


Beloved Books

To ensure the life of those precious books you have to store away make sure you pack them appropriately. Pack books flat as to not damage their spines. Avoid filling the box with dense novels making the box too heavy to lift. Using a smaller size box and mixing book size can ensure an easier move.



We often have to store furniture for future use. To ensure you furniture stays in pristine condition you should invest in covers or packing blankets to protect the piece from scratches and dust. Be careful when taping furniture hardware to the furniture itself. Tape can adhere to the surface causing paint damage. Standing couches and beds on end can help maximize space within your storage unit, just make sure you don’t place anything that can transfer color and stain mattresses or couch cushions next to each other.


Items to Avoid Packing

Many storage unit facilities will let you know of the items that are not prohibited for storage. This is just to ensure the safety of your items as well as your fellow storage neighbors. Such items include flammable, combustible, hazardous, or poisonous materials. Having such items cause the risk for your items as well as others to be severely damaged. While non-perishable foods are ok to store, avoid perishable food items such as meat and animal products.  For a complete list of prohibited items please ask one of our Safegard Mini Storage employees in Tigard, OR for details.