Helping your Kids Stay Organized


No matter how hard we try, our child’s room becomes a disaster within mere seconds of cleaning it. To help you in this dilemma Safegard Mini Storage in Tigard, Oregon can provide you with a storage unit to store the excess that could be contributing to the mess in your child’s room. We have also gathered some tips for you to try at home when it comes to helping your kids stay organized.


Install Bookshelves

The best way to keep all the clutter off the floor is by installing on-the-wall bookshelves. This will maximize your floor space for larger toys and accessories. On-the-wall bookshelves can also be installed in areas that are not often used such as behind the door. These shelves can be easily installed and tailored to fit your current home décor.


Create a Craft Station

Instead of shoving crayons, markers, and paper in any available drawer, have them organized together in a functional craft station. This craft station can grow with your child and easily become a homework station. This is an area where you can get creative with your storage and use what you already have around the house. By using colorful bins, buckets, and muffin tins you can easily store all the odds and ends that come with doing arts and crafts. Make them fun for the children to use by adding their favorite characters to the design.


Label Everything

The key to keeping your child organized is to have them participate in the organization process. By labeling all the bins and areas of storage with what is supposed to be placed in them can help your child in the cleanup process. Whether you label them with letters, pictures, or words is up to you. This will ensure everything gets put back in its place at the end of each day.


Purchase Hide-away Storage

With hide-away storage you can store a variety of items out of site and in places that aren’t often used. Small storage bins can be purchased to specifically fit under the bed. When purchasing these storage bins make sure they are easy to use for your children. Rolling storage bins helps them to grab what they need and put it back when they are done.


Organizing your child’s room will give them a good base to work off of when it is their turn to keep their room clean. Have your child get involved with the organization process so they can be just as excited as you are when their room is clean and clutter free. If you are still needing additional storage space you can trust Safegard Mini Storage in Tigard, Oregon to provide you with the perfect storage unit. Call us today to learn more about what our facility can offer you.