How to Store your Summer Wardrobe

Now that the winter months are well upon us it is time to break out our winter clothing and accessories. To save room in your closet this winter season you should consider packing up your summer wardrobe and placing it in a storage unit at Safegard Mini Storage, 97223. Below are some steps you should complete before placing your clothing in a unit for the next few months.


Make Sure Your Clothes are clean

Before placing anything in storage you will want to make sure it is thoroughly cleaned. Any remnants can cause damage to your clothing during their stay. Wash and dry all of your clothing according to the washing recommendations on the clothing tags. Make sure your clothing is completely dry before folding and placing them into containers.


Packing your Clothes

Making sure your clothes are properly packed will ensure the quality of your clothing during their stay in storage. Try to avoid tossing plastic bags full of clothing into your storage unit. You can easily damage your clothing by not packing them in storage appropriate containers. Plastic containers with sealable lids are the best for storing clothing. If you don’t have those available a thick cardboard box is the next best option. Fold your clothing in a way that they won’t take up too much space within the container.


Sort and Organize

While you are packing your summer clothing for their stay in storage, you will want to organize as you go. Get rid of any clothing you don’t think you will wear next summer. Donate what you can and toss the rest. You will want to pack the clothing you are keeping within groups in order to stay organized. The last step is to label. You will want to list on the outside of the container what types of clothing are stored. This way you can easily locate a particular item if you need to come back for it.


By following the steps above you can rest easy know your clothes are safe and secure at Safegard Mini Storage, 97223. When the summer months make their return your clothes can easily be pulled out from storage and be ready to wear. Call us today to learn more about the units we currently have available.