With the interest in minimalism, the opposite has also been more visible – hoarding. There are a few key ways to know if you are truly hoarding or just disorganized. We frequently get questions at our Tigard, Oregon storage, Safeguard Mini Storage, about a loved one who is “hoarding.” In order to properly address the issue, which is very real and important, it is important to understand what hoarding is and the profile of a hoarder.

One: Hoarding is a mental health issue

As a general rule, hoarding is a behavior that comes with a history of mental illness, usually obsessive-compulsive personality disorder, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, and/or major depressive disorder. Hoarders may be survivors of past trauma or have had a period of time that their basic needs weren’t met. Along with this profile, hoarders have difficulty making decisions and suffer significant anxiety when they need to throw things away.

Two: Hoarders are paralyzed by indecision and anxiety

When a person is hoarding, they are terrified to dispose of material belongings, often stating that they don’t want to be without a specific item for a few reasons. Typically, they are afraid that if they discard of an item that they will need it at a later date or fear that they will somehow throw away something that is of monetary value.

People who are truly hoarding have the challenge of being unable to make decisions, which causes escalation in their depression, further fueling their emotional paralysis to change their situation, and so on. These people don’t need judgment, rather assistance in conquering their compulsive need to maintain items.

Three: Hoarding is not collecting

Often, people mistake obsessive collections as hoarding. This is not the case. Those with collections value their items and display them proudly. Hoarding is not being able to discard anything. Hoarders are unable to use rooms for their intended purposes, have piles of items surrounding them, making their home unusable. This is far different than someone collecting clown dolls, no matter how creepy they are.

When we frivolously use a term such as “hoarding,” by throwing it around in normal conversation, we’re not giving due respect to the serious issues that are present in the life of a true hoarder.

It’s important to remember that one who is truly hoarding has a mental health condition and needs help. For those that are dealing with a hoarding situation, there are organizations, such as the Institute for Challenging Disorganization, to help.

For those who need a place to store those creepy clown dolls while you are long-term house sitting, come see us at Safeguard Mini Storage in ZIP 97223.

An increasingly popular practice for those wanting to save money is to cancel their expensive cable or satellite television services and replace it with streaming services. Cutting the cord, as it is known, is gaining popularity and cable companies are scrambling to try to catch up to the current trend while protecting their business interests. One of the challenges to cutting the cord is that people want the same convenience and programming that they’ve had with their cable and satellite packages.

At Safeguard Mini Storage Units in Tigard, OR, we like to save money as much as anyone else. When we set out to determine if this trend could actually save us money, we found that it was not as simple as selecting one service and subscribing to it. We’d love to help you with these challenges by sharing our experiences in shopping and comparing options.

Over-the-air (OTA) antenna

The first step for many is to explore their free TV options with a simple antenna and, in some cases, a digital converter box. If you live in a mountainous or rural area, you will need to find an antenna with a longer range. Most OTA antennae are sold with a signal booster. Many people boast of their dozens of free channels that they receive with this setup. While true, many of the channels that can be received are not those that one would spend time actually watching.

Streaming from cable/satellite company

In an effort to conserve business, many cable/satellite companies have launched pared down, streaming services that can be watched on your smart television, phone, tablet or computer. Prices seem to start reasonably enough, but they quickly climb as you add more channels. If you’ve subscribed to a cable/internet/phone bundle, you can often keep the discounted prices after you cut the cord by keeping one of these packages.

Independent streaming option, e.g. Sling, YouTube Live, Hulu Live, etc.

Also popular are packages from these streaming services. Sling is often a top choice for sports lovers since they offer some of the best sports channels. Hulu Live is popular since it gives viewers access to live sports, sitcoms, movies, etc.

Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Netflix, CBS All Access, and premium channels

With the opportunity to binge watch series, these are very popular with many. Having access to scads of content, these options give quite a bang for the buck. With monthly subscription rates from about $7 per month, you will likely be able to find content that suits your needs. In fact, recent surveys of favorite services for cord cutting, most respondents responded that they had at least one of these such add-ons, with almost 60 percent having more than one.

In the end, we found that we each were able to find an option that worked for us, but none were the same. If you’ve set up a killer cord cutting setup that’s saved some money, pop in and tell us about it at our nearby Portland self storage, Safeguard Mini Storage.

Hello! You, the amazing one who is reading this … Take a look around you and survey your surroundings, unless, of course you’re reading this on your phone in a certain unnamed room on an amazing throne. Is your desk cluttered? Is there a spot that no matter how hard you try to keep it clean, it gets more piles built up as soon as you walk in the door? Yeah, us too.

OK, so now is the part where we’re going to talk about how we need to be more organized and we all start to feel shame and enroll in self-help classes, hang our heads low, and generally beat ourselves up, right? Guess what? No it isn’t! You see, those of us with cluttered desks are not slobs – OK, some people might be slobs, but we’re talking about those of us who have piles of work that is at one stage or another, with our own “filing system,” or just can’t keep our desk clean. That’s you, right?

So, if that doesn’t apply to you, you can stop reading right now. You won’t really understand the way that the other half lives, and that’s perfectly fine.

Did you know that many of the world’s greatest thinkers have had messy desks? Mark Twain, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, and Albert Einstein all have/had messy desks. Einstein has been quoted as saying:

“If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, then what are we to think of an empty desk?”

In fact, a photographer from “Time” magazine photographed Albert Einstein’s desk on the day of his death and it was anything but minimalist and well-organized.

Scientists suggest that going with 100 percent minimalism is merely conforming to what is popular and socially acceptable. Some even say that doing so inhibits creative thinking and, likewise, creates an unacceptable outcome. If you think about it, this logic makes some sense.

We’re reminded of that episode of the sitcom “Friends” in which we get to see Monica’s secret clutter closet, “The One with the Secret Closet.” While not often on the list of best episodes, it is one that we enjoy and joke about here at Safeguard Mini Storage Units in Tigard, OR.

Thing is, you need to find your happy medium. Some people feel as though they can’t think if they see a stack of papers on their desk, and some people feel like having everything too “Pinterest perfect” is stifling. We think that there is a little of both in most of us. And here, at Safeguard Mini Storage, we see all kinds. So, if you need a little place to have your own “Monica” closet or a place that you can alphabetize the color-coordinated storage bins with computerized inventory system that you coded yourself, we serve everyone’s needs with a centrally-located facility for their Metro Portland self storage needs.

As life inevitably shifts, sometimes it becomes clear that your elderly parents need more help than they have at home. Living in an assisted living facility is one of the choices on the horizon in these cases. At this time, grown children find themselves helping their parents downsize and allocate family treasures.

Some use this time to divide possessions among children. There are a growing number of families who have found that creating a staging area of sorts can be helpful in the process. Oregonians have a reputation for being forward thinking, and as part of that, a growing trend reported by owners of self storage units in the Tigard, Oregon area is that when this time comes for a family, they rent a storage unit so that they can divide furniture and other keepsakes while the family transitions to this new stage of life.

With all of the options of storage facilities in the Portland metropolitan area, you will need to decide if you will be using one of the many storage units in Beaverton, Oregon or those in another nearby suburb.

Some families select a few smaller units, one for each grown child, and move items into these as they are packed up. This is particularly helpful when siblings do not live nearby, allowing those who are out of state to retrieve items when it is convenient for them. Others select a larger unit and divide items into area inside the unit. It really just depends on their needs and preferences.

In addition to the physical demands of moving a lifetime’s worth of belongings, there can be strong feelings that come up as you move your parents into a retirement home. It’s important to allow family members to express their feelings of sadness as they see items from their childhood being packed away and their aging parents unable to care for themselves.

Sometimes, this process can get wildly out of hand as more than one person wants Aunt Madge’s china. The last thing that anyone wants is a turf war over family heirlooms. This doesn’t help families in transition and is quite stressful for all. Should there be a conflict on an item’s destination, making the decision can be as arbitrary as a coin flip or as complex as an elaborate negotiation or trade.

It’s important to remember that conflicts at this time make a difficult situation worse for all – especially on your parents. They are facing a difficult transition as well as they lose the ability to care for themselves and, ultimately, face their mortality.

The possessions are not what’s important; it’s the memories that are attached to these items that is most important.

As the winter weather is fast approaching now is the perfect time to assess your garage and take the time to prepare it for the winter weather we will be experiencing these next few months. While you at it, it would be a good time to sort through the items in your garage and free up some much needed space by placing the items you just don’t need during the winter months in a storage unit at Safegard Mini Storage in Beaverton, Oregon. Below are some helpful suggestions to get your garage ready for the winter weather.


Maintain your Weather-stripping

As you step into your garage you may feel a cold breeze drifting throughout the space. This means you may need to replace your weather-stripping. Often times weather-stripping can become cracked and brittle, making it not work as it is supposed to. Remove the existing weather-stripping thoroughly to create a flat and smooth surface. To apply the new weather stripping you will need to measure the accurate amount and then close the garage door and then align the weather stripping so that the rubber flap flattens slightly against the door.


Install Insulation

Most garages don’t come with the necessary insulation to keep the freezing temperatures from entering in and the heat from escaping out. To give your garage the protection it needs you can install insulation yourself. Make sure you purchase the right thickness of insulation and don’t forget to securely fasten it to the wall.


Fix-Up your Garage Door

To keep the cold air and moisture from coming in through your garage door you can install a variety of products including: foam board, reflective barriers, and fiberglass batt insulation. When installing these items make sure you take accurate measurements of your garage door. If this doesn’t work you may want to invest in a new door with insulation already included.

Knowing how to properly pack your breakables is essential when you are moving or planning to store your items in a storage unit at Safegard Mini Storage in Lake Oswego. Not taking the time to pack your breakable items correctly can only end in disaster and loss of your items. Check out the tips below to help guide you in the packing process.


  • Choose the right box. You will want to use boxes that are sturdy enough to hold your fragile items and large enough to fit the item and the adequate amount of packing materials. If necessary you might want to consider adding extra packing material or double-boxing your breakables during transit.


  • Fill the items that could collapse inwards. Items such as glasses, bowls, and vases should be filled with tissue paper, extra socks, or newspaper to put equal pressure on all the surfaces of your fragile items.


  • Completely wrap all of your breakable valuables in bubble wrap to protect it during its move or stay in a storage unit at Safegard Mini Storage in Lake Oswego. Make sure the bubble wrap covers all surfaces of your item and it is secured with tape. Make sure you aren’t using the tape excessively or else you will have a hard time getting to your item when you need it.


  • Make sure your box is completely filled. Put two to three inches of packing peanuts on the bottom of the box. Once you have a layer of packing material you can begin to place your bubble wrapped items in your box. Fill any of the empty spaces in between your items and the box with packing peanuts. Make sure your items are secure enough so they don’t have any wiggle room within the box. Securely tape the box and label it for ease and organization.


  • When placing your packed box of breakables in a storage unit you will want to try and elevate it off the floor and place it on a flat and sturdy surface. This will make sure no damage can occur while you are away.











Now that you have found the perfect storage facility at Safegard Mini Storage in Portland you are now faced with choosing a unit size. It will all depend on what you plan on storing with us now and in the future. Listed below are some tips to help you in choosing the right size storage unit at our facility.


Take Inventory of your Items

Before you even begin to weigh your unit size options available to you, take inventory of everything you want to put into storage. Get out the measuring tape for some of your larger items to determine the smallest space they can fit into. Getting a better idea about what you need to store will help you in determining what size unit you need.


Standard Sizes of Units

Most facilities come with standard sizes with their storage units. The sizes that are available to you usually range from 5x5 to a 10x30. Always be sure to consider the limitations of your entire storage space, and make sure you take advantage of all three dimensions when thinking about your items (i.e., length, width, and height). Standard height of a storage unit is about 8 to 10 feet tall.


Choose the Wrong Size?

If you have secured a storage unit that is inaccurately matched with what you plan to store, the facility manager can help find you the right storage unit size. Not only will they help you make the necessary changes in your rental agreement, but they will also assist you in determining the proper unit size suitable for your belongings.


For more storage tips and tricks at Safegard Mini Storage in Portland make sure you check out our website and the blogs we post each month. Have additional questions? Give us a call today!


If your home is on the smaller side you can still make your home feel like it’s larger than it actually is. By using a storage unit from Safegard Mini Storage in Tigard, OR to store all of your unused or out of season items and the tips below, you can easily create the living space you have always wanted no matter the size.


Designate Your Areas of Living Space

One of the first tips is to create defined areas of living space. This might seem like a difficult task, but in reality it can be easier than it sounds. Consider using area rugs to help you transition from a living room to a dining room. The rugs will help you define those areas without the need for bulky dividers or actual walls. You can also use strategically placed furniture to help keep different living areas separate.


Be Flexible

What happens if your space is too small for even the above tip? In these instances, the living room can double as the dining room and office. This is especially true in studio apartments or dorm rooms, which are notoriously tiny. In order to help make the most of the space you do have, consider investing in furniture that has more than one use. Consider a table that converts into a desk or even a bench, for example, which can help you transform a space from dining to work in a few short minutes!


Make Smart Use of Storage

When you’re living in a small space, you don’t really have the luxury of investing in big, standalone pieces of furniture. Instead, you should be selecting items that have hidden storage in them – and that goes for your couch, your ottoman, or your desk. You need that sleek storage to help keep your space tidy and give the illusion of space.


Use Natural Light

Rather than using artificial light which can make a space seem smaller, bring in as much natural light as you can. Invest in lighter curtains and make use of your windows. Reflect the natural light around the room with the use of strategically places mirrors. Before long your living space will seem a lot larger than before.


Make sure you utilize your storage unit at Safegard Mini Storage in Tigard, OR for all those items you just don’t need or that are taking up too much space in your small home. Call us today to learn more about the units we have available.

Summer has finally arrived! With the first day of summer finally in effect this month we can begin our summer activities outdoors with our friends and family. Before you can get the party started you may need to spend some time cleaning up your yard. To help you with the cleaning and organizing process we at Safegard Mini Storage in Tigard, Oregon have created a list to help you get your yard ready for summer fun.


Remove the Trash Build-Up

Winter and Spring weather brings in fierce winds. The winds tend to carry various debris and trash that end up getting trapped in your yard. Once the snow and ice clear you will definitely notice how much has accumulated over the past few months. Once the trash is bagged and removed, take the time to pick up any fallen branches or twigs. You can save them for later when it’s time to gather around the summer fire pit.


Trim and Prune your Plants

Trimming and pruning your worn bushes, trees, shrubbery, and plants that were left standing in the fall, as well as other winter-worn plants that need it will keep your landscape healthy and thriving for the warmer seasons. Be careful not to prune you plants too much and remove healthy growth.


Tend to the Lawn

While most over seeding should be done in the fall, you can do thinner areas in the spring if you notice any rough spots in your lawn. This way your lawn should be lush and green when you are ready to enjoy the warmer season. Next, wait until the grass is at least 4-5 inches tall before you resume regular mowing. Doing this will ensure your grass to be green and thriving for the warmer months ahead.


Bring out the Patio Storage

When the weather warms up enough for you to enjoy being outside in the fresh air, it is time to finally bring your patio furniture out of storage. Having them placed in a storage unit at Safegard Mini Storage in Tigard, Oregon guarantees that they will be ready for use when spring finally arrives. A good dusting and maybe a wash of the linens to your patio furniture will make them look pristine and ready for you to enjoy.

Whether you upgraded your living room set or inherited an antique couch from your family you may be looking to store your old couch. To make sure it stays in a usable condition for future use you will want to make sure you are taking the necessary steps to prep your couch for its stay at Safegard Mini Storage in Lake Oswego. Listed below are some steps you should follow to make sure your couch its ready for storage.


Clean your Couch

Our couches encounter a lot of dirt and grime when in our houses. Constant use, food particles, and pets all have a part in the deterioration of your couch. Before storing your couch for a period of time it is important to make sure you clean off anything that may be harmful to your couch in the long run. Remember to use water-based or synthetic-based cleaners with most couches. These cleaning products will protect the fabric of your couch and still give you the cleanliness it needs. If you have a leather couch, a small dab of olive oil on a microfiber cloth will clean and protect the leather. Make sure your couch is completely dry before storing.


The Storage Unit

Depending on the size of your couch, you will need a storage unit that will fit your couch. It is not recommended renting a storage unit smaller than your couch. Shoving a couch into a space that is too small will cause damage to the structure of the couch as well as cause potentials tears in the fabric Safegard Mini Storage in Lake Oswego has self-storage units in a variety of sizes to fit your needs.


Protect your Couch

To make sure the quality of you couch remains the same in the storing process it is important to protect your couch on the way to storage and in storage as well. Protect your couch during the transportation process. Make sure your couch is covered and protected from dirt and potential harm from other furniture being moved. When in the storage unit you will want to invest in sheets or drop cloths to protect it from dust and moisture. Stay away from plastic couch covers. These can trap in moisture and cause mildew to form on your couch.


Lift it up

The best way to store a couch is to store it off of the ground. This will protect your couch from potential spills or accidents. You can easily place your couch on a tarp or on wood pallets to keep it from getting damaged on the ground.


 Spring has finally sprung! Now is the perfect time to clear out our homes and give it the deep cleaning it desperately needs after such a long winter. To help you with the process you may want to consider renting a storage unit from Safegard Mini Storage in Portland. We can house your less used items and free up some much needed space in your home. We have also provided you with some spring cleaning tips to help you in getting it done properly.


Schedule your Spring Cleaning Days

The warm weather brings outdoor activities and added chaos to our schedules. You will want to make it a point to schedule specific cleaning days on your calendar. This way you are sure you have the time available to really give your home the cleaning it needs. Breaking it up into a few days within the month will make sure you don’t burn yourself out but still get what you need to done.


Create a List

Not only is this a great way to get your thoughts organized, it can keep you accountable. Add all the items you can think of to your list and reward yourself each time you check one off the list. You can even divide the list and enlist the help of your fellow family members to lighten your spring cleaning load.


Stock up on Spring Cleaning Supplies

Before you begin the spring cleaning process you will want to make sure you have enough in regards to cleaning supplies. You may need to buy a few new gadgets for those special cleaning projects as well. Buying your cleaning supplies ahead of time gives you the time to shop around for the best deal.


Start the Decluttering Process Early

It is hard to clean a cluttered home. You might want to start the decluttering process now before you begin spring cleaning. Remove any items in your home that are just taking up space or that need to go in the trash. Renting a storage unit at Safegard Mini Storage in Portland will help by giving you the space you need in your home and by giving them a safe place to stay.


Happy Spring Cleaning!


Children grow much more rapidly than we realize. As fast as they grow out of their clothing you will find that they tend to grow out of their toys as well. Every few months you should be going through your child’s toys and getting rid of what they just don’t use anymore. Placing them in a storage unit at Safegard Mini Storage in Tigard, OR is often the best solution. Listed below are some tips to help you with the process of clearing out some of your child’s toys.


Don’t Be More Sentimental than your Child

There are some toys that your child will love and cherish for many years. At the same time, there are toys that you have accumulated in your home that your child could easily forget about. If your child doesn’t seem to be sentimental towards specific toys then you know they are ok to go. Ask yourself the following questions:

·       Did someone we love gift this and is it sentimental to the giver?

·       Is this a toy that never gets played with?

·       Would the kids even notice if it was gone?

This will help you to determine whether the toy stays, gets stored, or is donated.


Age Appropriate Toys

If you are like most, you probably still have those newborn toys laying around the house not getting played with. You may even have some toys that have been gifted to you that your child just isn’t ready to play with yet. While sorting through your child’s toys you can determine if this a toy that is appropriate for them to play with now. Everything else can be stored or donated.


Get your Children Involved

While it might be easier to just go through and purge all of your child’s toys on your own, getting them involved can be very helpful to their development and understanding of why their toys are being stored or donated. Kids know which toys they want to play with and which ones they don’t. Depending on the ages of your children this may be a great opportunity to teach them about generosity. It feels good to give and bless others, and it’s never too early to start explaining that principle to your children.


Storing the toys your child doesn’t play with anymore in a storage unit at Safegard Mini Storage in Tigard, OR is a great way to keep them safe and ready to use when you welcome your next child into the world. Call our facility today to learn about our units and the ones we currently have available.



Before you attend a storage auction at Safegard Mini Storage in Tigard, Oregon you will want to take the time to do some research and see how storage auctions typically work. To help you we have provided some of the facts you need to know about storage auctions.


Not Every Unit is Valuable

While you might get lucky occasionally, you shouldn’t go into a storage unit thinking you are going to find a gold mine. You might be able to find a few things you can sell for a profit in a storage auction but the reality TV shows make it look like it happens more often than it does. You might only be able to sell a few things in the unit and have to toss the rest.


It’s not impossible to see Inside a Storage Unit

Even though you aren’t allowed physically in the unit, you are allowed to look in it. This will give you a pretty good idea of the stuff that you will be bidding for. It is always a good idea to bring a flashlight so you can see all the way to the back of the unit.


Bring Cash

If you are going to be placing a bid on a unit you need to have cash in hand. Make sure you bring enough for sales tax and the cost of cleaning the unit as well. Check with the facility manager to see what the fees are.


You can’t keep Personal Memorabilia

While you can keep what you buy in a storage unit auction, some facilities will ask you to return any personal memorabilia you find in the unit such as photo albums or family movies. You won’t find much value in these any ways.


Storage Facilities Don’t Make a Profit

Storage facilities are required by law to only keep the amount that is overdue in rent and the costs of having the auction. The money generated over this amount is given to the tenant of the unit.


Be Prepared to Empty the Unit that day

It is standard with most auctions that you have until the end of the day to clean out the unit you purchased. Occasionally you can rent out the unit for a month or so to have time in emptying out the contents, you just have to check with the facility manager.


For more information regarding storage auctions and how they work at Safegard Mini Storage in Tigard, Oregon make sure you give us a call. We are happy to help you with all of your storage needs.


If you find yourself having to move during the winter months there are some precautions you should be taking during the moving process. Bad weather, icy conditions, and lack of daylight are just come of the aspects you need to prepare for. We at Safegard Mini Storage in Portland, OR can help you throughout the moving process with one of our storage units. We have also gathered some precautions you need to take during the moving process.


Start Early in the Day

With the time change your hours of daylight are limited. You will find yourself moving in the dark if you start too late in the day. Waking up early and getting as much done as you can in the early hours of the day will be the most beneficial. Temperatures won’t be as low and you won’t have to worry about navigating large boxes or furniture in the dark.


Clear away Snow and Ice

For everyone’s safety you will want to make sure your walkways are clear of snow and ice on moving day. Nothing is worse that slipping on ice while carrying heavy furniture. You could end up in the hospital rather than enjoying your new home. Enlist in the help of some Salt to melt away the ice and plenty of snow shovels. Create a clear path to and from you house and the moving truck.


Watch the Weather

While it is hard enough moving in the cold winter months, you need to try and plan your moving day around the weather. You don’t want to try moving when a blizzard is taking over your town. You may need to be flexible about changing your plans if there is particularly bad weather coming your way; in particularly bad weather, it could be dangerous to continue your move as planned.


Cover Carpets and Flooring

You will want to make sure to protect the flooring in not only your new house, but your old house as well. Use old cardboard boxes, packing blankets, or plastic to keep the mud and moisture off of the floor. There is nothing worse than ruining your carpets and flooring before even completing the moving process.

Now that the cold winter weather is upon us we won’t be needing our bicycle for the next few months. Instead of having your bike taking up space in your home or garage, you can easily store it and keep it safe at Safegard Mini Storage in Lake Oswego. There are some steps listed below that you should take to make sure your bike stays in pristine shape during its stay over the winter.


Check your Tires

Thoroughly inspect your tires for any holes or tears. These should be repaired before placing your bike in storage. Make sure you tires area fully inflated as well. In order to have your bike remain in pristine condition during its time in storage you will want to make sure the tires stay inflated throughout its duration in the storage unit. The best way to do this is by hanging your bike off the ground. This will relieve any pressure put on the bike tire and keep it from warping if the tire does in fact go flat.


Avoid Rust

Storing a bike for a long period time does come with the potential hazard of rust. To fight against rust build up make sure your bike is clean and dry before placing it in storage. When in the storage unit you may cover your bike to protect it from any outside moisture. Keeping it up off the floor is another added measure to ensure your bike will be protected from any unexpected spills or water damage.


Inspect it Thoroughly

Take the time to inspect all parts of your bike. You can do this when cleaning and preparing your bike for storage. You will want to make sure the bike is in working condition before you place it into storage. This includes doing some of the routine maintenance on it such as lubricating the chain and inflating the tires. Having your bike go into storage in pristine shape will help it to be ready and available for use when you can take it out and put it to use again.


Keeping your bike in a storage unit at Safegard Mini Storage in Lake Oswego is the best way to ensure its quality without having to take up space in your home or garage. For more information regarding our facility and the storage unit sizes we have available make sure you check out our website. 

At one point in our lives we may be faced with placing furniture in a storage unit. Whether you are moving or just need some extra space we at Safegard Mini Storage in Portland can help you in getting the self-storage unit you need as well as the preparation steps for you to keep your furniture safe in storage.


Invest in Furniture Protectors

In order to ensure that your furniture will remain in top quality you will want to invest in materials to protect your furniture. By lining your storage unit’s floor with plastic or a tarp as well as your furniture piece you can keep any harmful substances off of the piece. For added protection you can purchase moving blankets that will act as a padding for your furniture.


Disassemble what you can

Most furniture pieces are too big, bulky, and awkward making it hard to place in storage. If possible, disassemble what you can. By breaking down furniture you can easily move and store the item. To help you remember how to reattach all the pieces correctly take pictures before disassembling. Make sure you store all parts together in bags with the furniture it belongs to.


Protecting your Fragile Furniture Items

Take the time to ensure the safety of your fragile furniture pieces. Purchase the materials you need to protect them. You can help to protect those pieces from damage by making sure sharp corners or edges on items that are stored next to your fragile item are covered and padded. If you are storing fragile electronics try and place them in their original packaging. If this is not possible, make sure they are stored in a box with adequate packing material to make sure items won’t shift during the moving process. Label all fragile items so you or your movers know to handle it with care.


Practice Strategic Storing

Putting all of your items in storage can be a little hard to figure out. Make sure you place the larger, sturdier items in the back and on the floor to serve as a base to hold other items. Stack from bottom up going heaviest to lightest. By placing the smaller items towards the front of your storage unit you can have easier access to them. Being smart and organizing your self-storage unit from the beginning will help you when you need to bring something out of the unit. You can even place them with coinciding object or rooms that they are from to help you in remembering where you placed a particular item in your new self-storage unit at Safegard Mini Storage in Portland.


Have you decided that you no longer need to use one of our storage units at Safegard Mini Storage in Tigard, Oregon? While we are sad to see you go, we want to help you in the moving out process when it comes to your unit. Below are some tips to help you in cleaning out your storage unit properly.


Pick a Deadline Date

A lot of times it is hard to find the motivation to clean out your unit. To help you when it comes to making a plan and holding yourself accountable, you will want to create a deadline. Make the deadline reasonable to accomplish and plan for any unexpected events that might occur before your set deadline. Creating a goal always helps you when it comes to completing a task.


Create Small Tasks

Trying to clean out your storage unit in one day is hard and stressful. Instead of trying to accomplish a lot in a little amount of time, break up your clean out process into small and manageable tasks over a period of time. This will make the process easier and stress free.


Try to Avoid Throwing Items Away

As you are cleaning out your unit you may come across items you just don’t want or need anymore. Instead of just throwing it away you will want to try and find it another home. You can donate your items to your local Goodwill or even try and sell a few online. If the item is beyond repair then it is acceptable to toss it in the trash.


Avoid Storing in your Home at All Costs

The whole point of your storage unit was to reduce the clutter in your home and give you the needed storage space. When cleaning out your unit you will want to avoid turning your home into a makeshift storage unit. Find a home for all the items you wish to keep and donate the rest.


For more tips and tricks when it comes to storing your items or organizing your home make sure you check out Safegard Mini Storage’s blog each month. Stop by our facility in Tigard, Oregon to learn more about how we can help you in all of your storage needs.


At some point in your life you might be faced with living with a roommate. Depending on who you decide to room with will determine how easy or hard it can be. We at Safegard Mini Storage, 97223 are there for you in all of your storage needs and living tips. Below are some tips for you to try when you are planning on living with a roommate.


Set some Ground Rules

The key to living with someone else peacefully is to sit down and have an honest talk with one another. Let your roommate know what tends to get on your nerves. Such things could include not immediately loading the dishwasher when you are done eating or leaving the toilet roll empty. Establishing ground rules will help to prevent any future fights.


Be Realistic

Living with someone else will never be absolutely perfect. You will have to cater to each other’s needs to make it a peaceful environment to live in. You will also need to be realistic about the amount of space you are both living in. Smaller spaces will take getting used to and some good organization skills. Often times getting a storage unit for the valuable you wish to keep but don’t have the room for can help. At Safegard Mini Storage you can get the perfect self-storage unit to fit all of your items at the perfect price.


Divide the Chores

While this may seem like something you would do with your future children, it can help create a fair and peaceful living arrangement. If one person is left doing the dishes all the time, a fight is sure to arise. Sit down with your roommate and divide the necessary house chores evenly. It is suggest that you each take turns doing the variety of chores needed so you don’t get burned out doing one specific task all of the time. Don’t get on your roommates case everyday about the chores. Come up with a system to hold each other accountable. Make sure you take into account your weekly schedules as well.


Is your home looking a little drab lately? Do you want to add some personality to your home but just don’t know how? We at Safegard Mini Storage in Portland, OR have gathered some creative ways to personalize your home décor that are fun and budget friendly.


 Build your own Headboard

Headboards create the perfect statement piece for your bedroom. If you don’t have a headboard you can always create your own. This easily done by hanging curtains or a tapestry behind your bed. You can show off your creativity by creating a foe headboard by framing your bed with art pieces and memorabilia. A sheer curtain and lights can add a romantic look to your bedroom.


Colorful Frames

 Just frames can add a pop of color to your blank walls while working as the perfect statement piece you have been looking for in your home. You can gather a variety of frames from any goodwill or thrift store for fairly cheap. Spray paint the empty frames with a color that goes along with your décor.


Install Shelving

Floating shelves can have multiple uses in your home. While they provide sophistication to a room, they can also be used as needed storage space. You can place a variety of items on your newly installed shelves, from books to eclectic art pieces.


Vinyl Wall Decals

 Wall decals and vinyl text have gained popularity over the past year. These fun art pieces are easy to put up and are perfect for adding a personal statement to your walls. Wall decals can come in a variety of sayings or patterns. You can even make customized wall decals. These are perfect for those who are renting since the wall decals remove easily without causing damage to the walls.


DIY Artwork

DIY Artwork is a fun and creative way to spruce up your walls. Even if you aren’t very artistic you can easily create colorful abstract pieces to brighten up your living space. You can look up tutorials online or create an artistic piece all on your own.


When you are deciding between an indoor or an outdoor storage unit you need to look at all the benefits you can receive from each. We at Safegard Mini Storage in Beaverton, Oregon can provide you with a variety of options when it comes to storage units. To help you in deciding we have provided you with the benefits an indoor storage can provide.


Protection from Extreme Temperatures

As the year goes on and the season change, the temperature does as well. If you plan on storing items for a long period of time you want to consider the changes in temperature it will have to tolerate. With the possibility of having an extremely hot summer to a below freezing winter, you want to ensure the quality of your items will not be effected by these sudden temperature changes. With an indoor storage unit you can have peace of mind knowing that the unit is maintained at a base temperature.


Air Quality

Another advantage of renting an indoor storage unit is the improved air quality within your rented storage space. Improved circulation of the air and maintained temperature means less of a chance of dust collecting on your stored items. This is especially important if you are considering storing valuable electronics.


Protection from the Elements

Because an indoor storage unit is within a facility, you particular unit is protected from hazardous elements. An indoor storage facility will be protected from any potential flooding and dirt. There is even more protection against bugs and rodents finding their way into your unit.


When storing important items you want to have peace of mind knowing that your items will remain safe and in their highest quality. With an indoor storage unit at Safegard Mini Storage in Beaverton, Oregon you will have the additional protection you need that an outdoor storage unit won’t be able to provide. Our indoor storage units are constantly monitored and our staff is always ready and willing to help you in any of your storage needs. Please call us today for additional information regarding our indoor storage units.


When it comes to organizing an apartment you often have to get creative. Apartments don’t come with all of the storage space you might need and your living space is often limited. To help you through the organization process you can trust Safegard Mini Storage in Beaverton, Oregon to provide you with the storage space you need. We have also gathered some pro-tips for organizing the items you need every day in your new apartment.


Pack Smart

Getting off on the right foot in organization always helps. This starts as early as when you begin to pack up your belongings from your old place. If you pack by room and label all your boxes you can have an easier time during the unpacking process. It is also beneficial if you go through and decide what items you can toss, donate, or place in a storage unit at Safegard Mini Storage in Beaverton, Oregon. Think of this as a fresh start in your new apartment and get rid of the stuff that tends to just collect dust.


Creative Storage Solutions

Finding creative ways to store your items in your apartment will help you get the most out of your new space. By purchasing furniture with built in storage you can get the most use out of your everyday necessities. Purchasing items such as ottomans and side tables allow you to get multiple uses out of one piece of furniture. Be creative and use what you have. Another tip is to always think up. Take advantage of the height of your walls and install shelving and build bookcases. This is the best way to maximize your storage opportunities.


Don’t Waste Available Space

There are often spaces we could use for storage that we just don’t think about. By purchasing shallow totes or plastic bins you can store extra clothing or blankets under the bed. Take advantage of the space behind your door with hanging door storage in your bathroom and kitchen. Install hanging hooks to hang coats, towels, or bath robes.


While you might be getting full use of your camping gear now, you need to think about when the summer months are over and it’s time to store your camping gear for the cold winter months. To help you, Safegard Mini Storage in Portland can provide you with a self-storage unit to help you in keeping your camping gear safe, secure, and out of the way. Below are some steps you should take before placing your camping gear in storage.



In order to keep your tent in working order, it is important to make sure your tent in clean and dry before letting it sit in storage. If weather permits, set up your tent at home to make sure every surface, inside and out, is dry. Once the tent is dry, clean out the tent of any remaining dirt or plant life. By taking the time to make sure your tent is clean and dry you prevent the growth of unwanted mold and mildew.


Sleeping Bags

Sleeping bags can easily get dirty and trap unwanted materials in its folds. After your camping trip, shake out your sleeping bag and undo all the zippers and folds to make sure all the dirt is out of it. Washing your sleeping bag in a front loading washing machine before storing it is highly recommended. Hang it to dry on a hanger or lying flat. Make sure the sleeping bag is completely dry and placed in its sack before storing.


Camping Accessories

Camping accessories can be anything from electronics to cooking utensils. You want to ensure the cleanliness of these items as well. Removing batteries from flashlights, GPS devices, or other battery powered electronics will help protect them from potential corrosion. You can store all the batteries together in a plastic bag near your camping electronics to have them ready for your next camping adventure. When it comes to cooking utensils make sure they are scrubbed clean and don’t have any remaining food particles. By placing all cooking gear in a duffle bag or storage bins will not only keep it safe in storage, but will allow for easiness in preparing for your next adventure.


After you have made all the necessary preparations you can drop off your camping gear in your self-storage unit at Safegard Mini Storage in Portland and not have to worry about it during the winter months. When summer rolls around again your camping gear will be ready to go for your next camping adventure. 



If you have a little one on the way you need to make sure you are prepared. The nursery is just one of the many aspects you need to have ready for when you get to bring your bundle of joy home. With the help of a storage unit at Safegard Mini Storage in Portland, OR and the tips listed below you can have the nursery of your dreams. 


Foldable Bins

These nifty little storage totes are great for your nursery. These storage bins can be used in a variety of places in your little one’s room. They are made of cloth and can be folded up when you aren’t using them anymore. Bring out your creativity and decorate these bins to go along with the theme of your nursery. These can act as a statement piece while storing all of the baby essentials.


Closet Dividers

You will be surprised to find out how fast your child will outgrow their clothing. While you are preparing for all of their growth spurts you will be buying a variety of sizes in clothing. To keep everything separated and organized you can purchase closet dividers. These easily allow you to label and divide your child’s clothing by size


Crib Storage

Your child’s crib will be the largest piece of furniture in their nursery. Make it twice as useful by utilizing its free spaces for storage. Hanging storage can be placed at the end of the crib. You can keep small clothing accessories or other baby essentials here. Just make sure your little one can’t grab anything that may be harmful. Take advantage of the space you have below your crib as well. Plastic bins fit neatly beneath the crib and can store extra diapers, wipes, or even toys.



As your child grows you are bound to gather a large collection of books and toys. Keep everything organized and give it its own space with a bookcase in your nursery. Place the bookcase within reach of your child once they are old enough to actively grab the toys they wish to play with. Use foldable cloth bins within your bookcase to keep everything organized.


Laundry Hampers

You can either create or purchase a cute laundry hamper for you little one’s room. You will realize you are using this hamper several times a day as your child seems to always make a mess. Keeping your child’s clothes up and out of the way can help you to keep their nursery clean and organized throughout your busy day.


Your attic is a space that, if utilized correctly, can help you in storing the items you need to keep close at hand but out of the way in your home. For everything else you can enlist in the help of a storage unit at Safegard Mini Storage in Beaverton, Oregon. To get the most out of your attic space we have provided some tips to help you with the decluttering process below.


Enlist Help

Getting in and out of your attic is a hassle. Most attics only have a narrow ladder or staircase to climb up or down. This makes it extremely difficult when carrying larger items down from the interior of your attic space. Have some friends help you in the cleaning out of your attic. You can create an assembly line to safely get all of the items out of your attic space.


Make a Plan

While getting all of your boxes and various household items out of the attic you will need a plan as to where to place them temporarily. Pick a larger space such as the living room or den to give you enough room to sort through all of the items that you are bringing down.


Sort it Out

After you have emptied out your attic of all of its contents you can now begin to sort through all of the boxes and items you have brought down. It is important to remember to take your time and don’t over whelm yourself. Take on one box at a time. Sort your items into piles of what to keep, place in storage, toss, or donate. Having the help of your family members can make this process a lot more enjoyable as you reflect on all of the memories you find within the contents of your boxes.



After you have decided what you can keep, store, donate or toss you can begin to put various items back up in your attic. While doing so keep it organized. Label all of your boxes so you know the contents within each. Separate the boxes by importance of season so you can easily locate what you are looking for. Use the assembly line method to haul boxes back up into the attic to keep everyone safe in the process. For the items you need to place in storage you can trust Safegard Mini Storage in Beaverton, Oregon to provide you with the storage space you need. 


When you are moving and have decided to rent a moving truck you need to make sure you are taking the proper precautions. The truck is a lot larger than what you would be used to driving and you are held reliable by the moving truck company if you cause any damage. We at Safegard Mini Storage in Portland want you to know the ins and outs of driving a moving truck so we have provided some tips to follow.


Use your Mirrors

As with any car you want to constantly use your mirrors. Using your side-mirrors is especially important when driving a moving truck because you won’t have use of a rear-view mirror above the dash. Use your side mirrors to pay close attention to what and who is around you at all times. While driving on the road you will want to make sure you have leaving enough space between you and fellow drivers.


Use Caution while Stopping and Turning

You will want to take special care when driving a moving truck. Your driving will greatly affect how the items you stored in the truck will arrive. Don’t make any sudden stops or sharp turns, as this will cause your items to shift and fall. You could also cause damage to the people driving around you by taking a turn too sharp or stopping abruptly.


Plan your Trip

Nothing is worse than trying to drive a truck that you aren’t familiar with and getting lost. To avoid a lot of stress and potential of difficult driving situations you will want to plan out your trip. Find a route that will be easiest for you to navigate a truck in. It is also good to plan on driving at a time where traffic isn’t heavy. When driving to your newly rented self storage unit at Safegard Mini Storage in Portland you want to be aware of tight turns and our facilities gates.


Be Aware of your Truck’s Size

Driving a moving truck is a lot different compared to your everyday driver. You will want to take note of how tall and wide your moving truck is and prepare accordingly. Make sure there aren’t any low bridges or tight roadways that you will have to take on the way to your destination. You also want to give yourself enough room between you and fellow drivers on the road.


Knowing how to properly drive a moving truck will help you in the moving process. Whether you are driving to your new home or to your self storage unit at Safegard Mini Storage in Portland you want to make sure you and your items are safe during transit. For more storage and moving tips make sure you check out our website often. 



When you rent a storage unit from Safegard Mini Storage in Tigard, OR you will want to make sure you are getting the most out of your storage space. Having all of your items prepared and packed correctly before placing it in your unit is a must. Below are some tips we have gathered to help you in packing for your storage unit.


Put a Lid on It

Anything left unboxed can get dusty and damaged. Boxes should be filled to capacity to keep from getting damaged or bent in by heavier boxes. For boxes that are half-full, fill the rest of the space with packing peanuts to cushion and protect your items.


Label Everything

It is so important to start organized. Label all the boxes with the contents that lie within. Nothing is worse than having to search for one particular item in the future and not being to find it. Using precise notes and labeling boxes with a sharpie can help you avoid the hassle in the future.


Weigh It

The moving process can be tricky. Don’t make it harder on yourself by packing boxes past your ability to move in regards to the weight limit. Make sure the weight is evenly distributed within the boxes to ensure easy carrying. Items may shift during the move so it is important to make sure your boxes are filled to full capacity with fillers like packing peanuts.


Beloved Books

To ensure the life of those precious books you have to store away make sure you pack them appropriately. Pack books flat as to not damage their spines. Avoid filling the box with dense novels making the box too heavy to lift. Using a smaller size box and mixing book size can ensure an easier move.



We often have to store furniture for future use. To ensure you furniture stays in pristine condition you should invest in covers or packing blankets to protect the piece from scratches and dust. Be careful when taping furniture hardware to the furniture itself. Tape can adhere to the surface causing paint damage. Standing couches and beds on end can help maximize space within your storage unit, just make sure you don’t place anything that can transfer color and stain mattresses or couch cushions next to each other.


Items to Avoid Packing

Many storage unit facilities will let you know of the items that are not prohibited for storage. This is just to ensure the safety of your items as well as your fellow storage neighbors. Such items include flammable, combustible, hazardous, or poisonous materials. Having such items cause the risk for your items as well as others to be severely damaged. While non-perishable foods are ok to store, avoid perishable food items such as meat and animal products.  For a complete list of prohibited items please ask one of our Safegard Mini Storage employees in Tigard, OR for details. 

Apartments are known to be smaller in size in all aspects. This will require you to get creative when it comes to fitting in all the necessities you may need on hand in your home. If you can’t seem to find the space for all of your items you can trust Safegard Mini Storage in Beaverton, Oregon to find the perfect unit for all of your storage needs. When it comes to storage solutions in your apartment we have compiled a few tips for you to try.


Pack Smart and Downsize

Getting off on the right foot in organization always helps. This starts as early as when you begin to pack up your belongings from your old place. If you pack by room and label all your boxes you can have an easier time during the unpacking process. It is also beneficial if you go through and decide what items you can toss, donate, or place in storage. Think of this as a fresh start in your new apartment and get rid of the stuff that tends to just collect dust.


Storage Solutions

Finding creative ways to store your items in your apartment will help you get the most out of your new space. By purchasing furniture with built in storage you can get the most use out of your everyday necessities. Purchasing items such as ottomans and side tables allow you to get multiple uses out of one piece of furniture. You can store blankets in an ottoman and use it to prop your feet up or as a decorative piece. The same goes for side tables. Be creative and use what you have. Another tip is to always think up. Take advantage of the height of your walls and install shelving. This is the best way to maximize your storage opportunities.


Don’t Waste Space

There are often spaces we could use for storage that we just don’t think about. By purchasing shallow totes or plastic bins you can store extra clothing or blankets under the bed. Take advantage of the space behind your door as well. Install hanging hooks to hang coats, towels, or bath robes.


Storage Units

As mentioned before, sometimes you just can’t seem to fit all of your belongings in your new apartment. You don’t need to worry about losing your precious items, you can always rent a storage unit to ensure the safety and quality of your favorite items. Safegard Mini Storage is a storage facility in Beaverton, Oregon that will help you with all of your storage needs. We provide you with the perfect size unit in order to fit exactly what you need. Call us today for questions regarding our storage units and how we can help you with the moving process.


No matter how hard we try, our child’s room becomes a disaster within mere seconds of cleaning it. To help you in this dilemma Safegard Mini Storage in Tigard, Oregon can provide you with a storage unit to store the excess that could be contributing to the mess in your child’s room. We have also gathered some tips for you to try at home when it comes to helping your kids stay organized.


Install Bookshelves

The best way to keep all the clutter off the floor is by installing on-the-wall bookshelves. This will maximize your floor space for larger toys and accessories. On-the-wall bookshelves can also be installed in areas that are not often used such as behind the door. These shelves can be easily installed and tailored to fit your current home décor.


Create a Craft Station

Instead of shoving crayons, markers, and paper in any available drawer, have them organized together in a functional craft station. This craft station can grow with your child and easily become a homework station. This is an area where you can get creative with your storage and use what you already have around the house. By using colorful bins, buckets, and muffin tins you can easily store all the odds and ends that come with doing arts and crafts. Make them fun for the children to use by adding their favorite characters to the design.


Label Everything

The key to keeping your child organized is to have them participate in the organization process. By labeling all the bins and areas of storage with what is supposed to be placed in them can help your child in the cleanup process. Whether you label them with letters, pictures, or words is up to you. This will ensure everything gets put back in its place at the end of each day.


Purchase Hide-away Storage

With hide-away storage you can store a variety of items out of site and in places that aren’t often used. Small storage bins can be purchased to specifically fit under the bed. When purchasing these storage bins make sure they are easy to use for your children. Rolling storage bins helps them to grab what they need and put it back when they are done.


Organizing your child’s room will give them a good base to work off of when it is their turn to keep their room clean. Have your child get involved with the organization process so they can be just as excited as you are when their room is clean and clutter free. If you are still needing additional storage space you can trust Safegard Mini Storage in Tigard, Oregon to provide you with the perfect storage unit. Call us today to learn more about what our facility can offer you. 

Now that the winter months are well upon us it is time to break out our winter clothing and accessories. To save room in your closet this winter season you should consider packing up your summer wardrobe and placing it in a storage unit at Safegard Mini Storage, 97223. Below are some steps you should complete before placing your clothing in a unit for the next few months.


Make Sure Your Clothes are clean

Before placing anything in storage you will want to make sure it is thoroughly cleaned. Any remnants can cause damage to your clothing during their stay. Wash and dry all of your clothing according to the washing recommendations on the clothing tags. Make sure your clothing is completely dry before folding and placing them into containers.


Packing your Clothes

Making sure your clothes are properly packed will ensure the quality of your clothing during their stay in storage. Try to avoid tossing plastic bags full of clothing into your storage unit. You can easily damage your clothing by not packing them in storage appropriate containers. Plastic containers with sealable lids are the best for storing clothing. If you don’t have those available a thick cardboard box is the next best option. Fold your clothing in a way that they won’t take up too much space within the container.


Sort and Organize

While you are packing your summer clothing for their stay in storage, you will want to organize as you go. Get rid of any clothing you don’t think you will wear next summer. Donate what you can and toss the rest. You will want to pack the clothing you are keeping within groups in order to stay organized. The last step is to label. You will want to list on the outside of the container what types of clothing are stored. This way you can easily locate a particular item if you need to come back for it.


By following the steps above you can rest easy know your clothes are safe and secure at Safegard Mini Storage, 97223. When the summer months make their return your clothes can easily be pulled out from storage and be ready to wear. Call us today to learn more about the units we currently have available. 

We at Safegard Mini Storage in Beaverton, Oregon can provide you with the perfect storage unit for your lifestyle and needs. We hope to give you the space you need to make your life easier. We do want you to be aware of some of the items that we do not allow to be stored within our facility. We do this to better protect you, your items, and all of your neighboring tenants. Below is a list of the items you should avoid placing in your newly rented storage unit.


Living or Kenneling in a storage unit is not an option. While a storage unit may be cheaper than room and board for you or your pets, it is not suitable for living in. If you do place your animal in a storage unit you may be charged with animal cruelty. The space could cause harm not only to you but to your beloved pets as well.


Plants will not survive in a storage unit. They need fresh air and sunlight in order to thrive and grow. Additionally, they could attract unwanted guests such as bugs and rodents, which can cause damage to the other items you are storing in your unit. The attraction of pests can also damage your neighboring tenant’s items as well.


Firearms, munitions, gunpowder and explosives are also not allowed. The probability of something going wrong with any of these items is too high for them to be placed in storage. If an accident does occur it can cause harm to your items as well as others who have units in the facility. It is best if they are locked up and stored properly elsewhere.


Foods are also prohibited in storage units. When food is placed in a storage unit it can attract unwanted guests and have the potential to rot. It can cause extensive damage to the items in your storage unit as well as the units next to yours. One exception to this rule is canned goods as they do not perish and are protected from unwanted visitors.


Hazardous material and waste storage should not be placed in your storage unit. If it’s corrosive, chemical, odorous, noxious or toxic, it can’t go in storage, either. This includes lead paint, asbestos, urea formaldehyde, polychlorinated biphenyl, petroleum, petroleum products and constituents, methane, medical waste, toxic substances and related materials as defined in several federal acts and state statutes.


Cash should be placed in a bank account or safely in your home.


Keeping in mind all the items you can’t store; you can begin to fill your newly rented storage unit with all the items you just can’t seem to find the space for. Safegard Mini Storage in Beaverton, Oregon can help you with all of your storage questions or needs, just give us a call today.

As busy as our lives tend to get, it can often be difficult to have and maintain a clean home. A lot of the clutter could be due to the number of items you are trying to keep in your home. Give yourself the space you need by placing the items you don’t use every day in a storage unit at Safegard Mini Storage in Lake Oswego. We want to help you in the maintenance and organization of your home so we have provided some tips the entire family can use to help you in keeping your home clean. 


Clean as you Go

The best way to maintain a clean home is by cleaning as you are going about your normal routine. If you get into the habit of immediately putting things back where they belong after you use them, then you save yourself the time and effort of having to clean it up later. For the chores that you don’t often get to, set aside 15 minutes a day to clean a specific area of the house. This way you aren’t overwhelmed with the amount that needs to be cleaned. Focus on the kitchen and the bathroom during those 15 minutes since those are the rooms that need to be cleaned most often. 


Never go to Bed with a Dirty Kitchen

The one room in your house that can easily get out of hand is your kitchen. With the amount of meals you need to prepare and cook in your kitchen on a daily basis you are bound to create some clutter. Use the clean as you go method to stay on top of your mess. Always start your day with an empty dishwasher so you can fill it as you use dishes throughout the day. When you are preparing to go to bed, empty out the sink and start the dishwasher. You can wipe down counters and sweep the floor while you cook to save time. 


Designate a “To Storage” Box

While you are cleaning your home take note of the items you use most often. Are there items being stored in your various cupboards and drawers that aren’t being used? Place these items in a “to storage” box that you can keep in your closet or garage. When the box is full you can pack up the items and send them to your storage unit at Safegard Mini Storage in Lake Oswego. This will open up the storage space you need in your home that will help you in keeping it clean and organized. 



Maintaining a clean home is all about getting in the habit of constantly picking up after yourself and getting all of your items organized. To help you in the organization process of your home you can enlist in the help of a storage unit at Safegard Mini Storage in Lake Oswego. Call us today to learn more about what our storage facility can do for you. 


The bedrooms in our homes are meant to be peaceful, calming, and relaxing. If you are looking at your bedroom and these words don’t come to mind, it might be time to give your room the overhaul it needs. Safegard Mini Storage in Tigard, OR can help you in the process of tidying up your bedroom with a storage unit for all the items you just can’t seem to find the space for in your home. We have also gathered some tips and tricks for you to try to make your bedroom the peaceful, relaxing, and calm place you have dreamt of. 


Be Your Own Guest

The frame of mind you have when preparing a guest bedroom should be the same frame of mind you have when preparing your own bedroom. You would go out of the way to make sure the bedroom was clean, neat, tidy, and felt like a relaxing place to be in if it were for a guest. You should be doing the same for yourself. A simple decluttering, vacuuming, and changing of the sheets can make a huge improvement on your bedroom. 


Consider your Needs

Take a look around your room and think about the items you use every day. Gather those items and find a way to organize them so they are easy to use and look good in your bedroom. Employing the use of decorative bowls for smaller items is an option. For larger everyday items consider decorative bins or hooks. 


Limit your Accessories

An abundance of smaller items scattered throughout your room can easily make it feel cramped and cluttered. You will want to keep your room as clean and simple as possible. Store your accessories in hidden storage bins or in plastic containers under the bed. It might even be a good idea to consider placing some of the accessories you don’t use every day in a storage unit at Safegard Mini Storage in Tigard, OR


Color Choices

Believe it or not, the color of your room has a great effect on your mood. If you have the opportunity to repaint or buy new bedding, you should pick out colors that are known to be calming. Lighter hues of color will bring a spacious and airy feeling to your room. If you are looking for a cozier feel, chose a warmer shade of color. 


Your bedroom should be the one room in your house that can be considered your sanctuary. Take the time to give it the makeover it needs in order to be the space you have always dreamed of. Safegard Mini Storage in Tigard, OR can help you in achieving this goal by providing you with the extra space you need for all of the items in your home you just don’t have the space for. Our facility has storage units that will take care of all of your storage needs. Call us today to learn more about the units we have available. 


Dorm rooms, while perfect for your stay at school, can easily become disorganized. Before you head back to school you can plan for your stay by placing the items you can’t seem to fit in your dorm room in a storage unit at Safegard Mini Storage in Tigard, Oregon. To stay organized throughout the year we have gathered some tips and tricks you can try during your stay in your dorm room. 


Add Floor Space

Dorm rooms are limited when it comes to square footage. You can make more floor space available to you by using bed risers. Bed risers create enough room under your bed to store totes that can carry extra school supplies, clothing, and accessories. Bed risers can easily be purchased at most home goods stores. 


Removable Wall Storage

Most dorm rooms come with a bed, desk, and a dresser. This doesn’t give you a lot to work with when it comes to storage. Removable wall storage can help you organize your smaller accessories. Stick on Pods are made to hold small things like make-up and toiletries. You can easily put these on the inside of bathroom cabinets or next to your vanity. Command Hooks are perfect for hanging anything from clothing accessories to wall art. 


Hidden Storage

The trick to keeping your dorm room organized is to have a variety of hidden storage options. Over-the-door organizers are a great solution when it comes to storing the smaller accessories you need in your dorm room. Ottomans are great for lounging and storing extra blankets or larger accessories within them. 


Dresser Organization

Most dorm rooms only give you a small dresser to fit the majority of your clothing in. Don’t let your clothing storage situation get out of hand. Making your own, or buying, drawer dividers are a great way to organize all of the clothing you plan on storing in your dresser. 



Dorm rooms are known to be small and crammed, but that doesn’t mean they have to be cluttered. By following the tips above and renting a storage unit from Safegard Mini Storage in Tigard, Oregon you can have a neat and organized dorm room all year long. For more information about our storage facility come on by or call us today. We can help you find the perfect storage unit for all of your needs. 



When you find a storage place that you trust and don’t mind leaving your belongings with, that is invaluable. Some people put their most prized possessions, like a vehicle, into storage. There are storage units in Tigard, Oregon that are large enough to fit your car. But even if you find a wonderful place to store your car, keep in mind that there is still a level of care it should receive. Taking care of your vehicle even while it is in storage will ensure it is ready to drive when you are ready to take it on the road.




You may have seen people who cover their cars in drive way or in the yard. You can use that same type of car cover when you put your car in the storage unit. You want to cover your car to keep dust and bugs from getting on the vehicle. Keeping it covered also protects it from the elements as well as scratches from boxes that may accidentally shift in the storage unit. 


Clean Up


Clean up and clean out your vehicle. Many people live in their cars, which means a lot of different things can accumulate. By cleaning out your car you get to check and make sure you have gotten all of the important documents you need, music you like to listen to, and trash that would mold over, create a stench and attract critters. Most people wouldn’t pack dirty food cover clothes, or furniture, so pack a dirty vehicle. 


Change the Oil and Gas It Up


Before you put your vehicle in the storage unit, you want to make sure it has a fresh oil change and a full tank of gas. This will help the car to start even if it has been sitting for an extended period of time.  Fresh fluids help fight against contamination which could damage the car’s engine. If your car will be in storage for an extended period of time, the full tank of gas will help to stop the fuel tank and its seals from becoming dry.


No Parking Brake


For many people it is a natural tendency to use your parking brake. Do not use the parking brake while your car is in the storage. The temperature could cause the rooters and the brake pads to fuse together. 



These are just a few tips that will help your vehicle remain in tip-top shape while it sits in the storage unit. Check with your local Tigard, Oregon storage company for more tips.


Despite the fact that there are many Storage Units in Tigard Oregon, not many people understand just how useful they can be in their lives. Some people prefer to rent storage facilities because they have limited living space, but there are many more situations where a storage facility can be a good investment.



Older parents will recognize this feeling. With one’s child going off to college, what then is left is a room with eighteen years’ worth of memories and belongings. The average college dorm room is small, and one cannot possibly fit in their belongings; they might not even want to carry them along. Still, the new college student might not want to have their belongings sold or given away. A storage facility then becomes the next best option.


Business reasons

When one runs a business that requires a lot of storage and a substantial amount of moving around, then the storage facility way is the direction to go. One example is when running a landscaping business. Most landscapers are so dependent on their trailers and the equipment carried in there that when anything is stolen, they might find themselves stranded with too many orders on their hands. To prevent such a scenario from happening, invest in a storage facility to keep all the expensive equipment.


Garage room

For most people, apart from being a storage space for their vehicles, a garage is one of the most significant spaces in their houses. It stores everything from holiday decorations to farming equipment and lawn mowers. As families grow, the space in the garage could become so crowded that there no longer is enough space for an additional vehicle. Those who own expensive or vintage vehicles and motorcycles might not want their prized possessions damaged by everything else that is in the garage. A storage facility is therefore the next best option.



Sports buffs need space to store their equipment. However, not all hobbies can be enjoyed all year round. Tennis or golf cannot be played all year, and during the winter years, those who enjoy hockey come to life. Sometimes, it is simply a matter of when one can find space off their busy schedules. Whatever the case, many find themselves needing space to store their golf clubs, hockey sticks, baseball bats and other sports equipment. Storage facilities are ideal for this.


Whatever the reason for needing a storage facility, Safeguard Mini Storage has your needs covered. Visit our facilities and pick out a facility suitable to your needs.


We have all types of storage available.  Whether you need to store a car, truck, camper, or recreational vehicle or some other large item, we have a place for you.  Likewise, if you only need a small amount of storage in which to keep a few personal possessions while you go through a transition in life, we have something that will fit your needs.  Whether you need a large storage space or a small one; whether you need storage for a long time or for only a few months, we can help you solve your storage issues.


Perhaps you have some possessions that cannot be exposed to the elements, such as electrical equipment, books, or household furnishings.  We can help you, too: we have indoor storage available, and you will find it to be clean, safe, and acceptable to meet your needs.


Finding good storage in Tigard, OR, has never been easier, safer, or more secure.  We offer units with doors that open on the inside of our building for smaller units with dimensions as small as 4 X 5; for our larger units—running all the way up to the size of an RV—we offer secure and comfortable outside storage. 


Security is important to us, and we have an impressive system that utilizes cameras, motion sensors, and recorded video to assist us in keeping the facility as secure as possible.  Our property features gated entry, and you will be given your own code for use in accessing the facility.


We offer our customers the ability to preserve their flexibility with monthly rental fees, but at the same time we do recognize that sometimes you know you will need something for a longer time period, and we offer discounts to those who choose to pay rent 6 months or a year in advance.


Whatever your storage needs—whether you need something small for household possessions or something large for a vehicle—you will find that we have something to fit your requirements. 


Self storage in the Lake Oswego area has never been easier! 







It is that nice time of the year when spring is knocking on the door and the weather is starting to warm up. Time to put away the winter coats, hats and gloves, the sleds and all other things winter and time to get the spring/summer gear out. Tune up those bicycles, organize the camping gear, get the gardening tools ready, whatever it is you like to do when the weather is warm, now’s the time to get ready. As you make the seasonal transition, it is a great time to clean out and organize your garage.  Maybe get rid of some of that stuff that you never use or touch and for some of that stuff you just can’t bare to part with, consider a storage unit in Tigard Oregon or other surrounding area. You may even reclaim the garage enough to be able to park your car/s in there by having your can’t part with stuff stored safely at our facility. Here are some specific ideas to help you with your garage organization project.




Winter Stuff


If you’re a winter enthusiast, your garage is probably full of sleds, heavy coats, boots, skis, snowboards, and snowmobiles. All things you won’t need for another 7-8 months. Rather than keep all of this stuff in your garage, we offer a wide range of storage unit sizes at our Tigard Oregon Storage facility. Our units range in size from as small as 4x5 to as large as 20x30. Why have your garage cluttered when you can safely store these items with us? And you just might be able to park your car in the garage.




Extra Stuff


We all have those items that we just can’t let go of and rightfully so. There may be a future use or some things might have high sentimental value.  Where it becomes a problem is when it is taking up too much room in the garage. Not only does the clutter make it more difficult to find things but oftentimes it blocks the area we otherwise would use to park our car. There is an alternative to just getting rid of these items – mini storage at our Tigard Oregon storage units. You would be amazed at how much you can fit in our smaller units and thus buy yourself extra space in your garage.




Seasonal and rarely used stuff


Are you the type that goes camping once every 2 years but when you do go, you go in style with al the greatest camping gear? Or do you go all out for Christmas with a large artificial Christmas tree and loads of decorations? These items are great for certain times but when you don’t need them, they can take up a ton of space. And have you ever found that when you do need these types of things that they are broken or dirty because you didn’t have the space to properly store them? If you’ve got this problem, we can help you solve it!




As you clean out and organize your garage and follow some of our suggestions, you will find that you will actually be able to use your garage for it’s main purpose – parking your car/s. There is a long list of reasons your car should be in your garage. The main reasons are that you will be able to avoid the burning heat when getting in your car that comes from leaving your car out in the baking sun and you will protect your car from that exposure as well as protect your car from vandalism or a possible break in. Do you and your car a favor and reclaim your garage and let us at Safegard Mini Storage help you. 



If you seem to be late to work or appointments quite often and you don’t seem to know why, it could be because your bathroom is a cluttered mess. Having a clean and organized bathroom will save you time you desperately need when getting ready for the day. Safegard Mini Storage in Lake Oswego wants to help you in the organization process. We have provided some tips and tricks below to get your bathroom free of the unnecessary clutter.


Out with the Old

The reason you might be having a hard time finding room for the things you use on a day to day basis could be because of the hoard of old bathroom toiletries and accessories you are still hanging onto. If you just can’t seem to part with the extra accessories you have, you can rely on Safegard Mini Storage in Lake Oswego to provide you with the perfect storage unit to suit all of your needs. As you are organizing your bathroom toss anything that is expired or broken. By throwing out what doesn’t work and storing your duplicates you can open up the storage space you need in your bathroom.


Clean Your Surfaces

When was the last time you wiped out your drawers, cabinets, and medicine cabinet shelving? As you are in the process of decluttering and getting rid of what you don’t use, it would be wise to wipe everything down. All-purpose spray and an old rag should remove all of the dust and grime that has accumulated.


Organizational Tools

Instead of throwing your bathroom toiletries and accessories back in the drawer and cupboard consider purchasing some bins and dividers to give everything its own proper space. Drawer dividers are perfect for the smaller bathroom accessories you need to keep on hand. Another trick you can try is by hanging command hooks and small plastic bins on the inside of your cupboard door. This is a smart storage solution when you are in need of some extra storage space.


After you have conquered the clutter in your bathroom it is time to declutter the rest of the house as well. Having an organized home will allow you to get ready for your day faster. If you find that you are lacking the necessary storage space to get your home organized you can trust Safegard Mini Storage in Lake Oswego to give you the storage unit you need. Call us today to learn more about our facility and the pricing we have on our units.


If the time has come to place your television in storage there are some storage tips you should be aware of. Below, we have provided you with some tips you should follow before placing your television in a storage unit to ensure its quality. After you have taken the necessary preparation steps, you can rest easy knowing your television will be safe and secure in a self-storage unit at Safegard Mini Storage in Portland.




Boxing it up


In the ideal storage situation you still have the original box that your television came in. These boxes are specifically made to fit your television and provide it with the best protection during moving and storage. If this is not the case there is no need to worry. Wrapping your television in wrap and placing it in a large durable box will be adequate as well. Make sure to cushion any open spaces and the sides of the television with packing peanuts so the television won’t move around while in the box.




Clean it


Take the time to clean the television thoroughly before packing it up. Starting clean will keep your television in better shape during its time in storage. Any leftover dirt or residue could possibly cause damage to your television in the long run. You can easily clean the television with a soft cloth and cleaning spray. Apply the spray directly to the cloth rather than directly onto the television.




Double Wrap


Although we mentioned it before, it is very important to make sure your television is protected during the move to storage. Double wrap the wrap around the television to make sure it is protected against collisions with other objects or falls.




External Hardware


Don’t forget about the external hardware to your television. You will want to bring all of the cords and cables necessary to make your television work with you. Make sure you clean these thoroughly as well and place them in a bag in an organized fashion. Make sure you store your cables with the television so you don’t misplace them over the years.






After you have securely packed up your television you will want to make sure to label the box. Label the box on all sides and list all of the television components you have placed in the box as well. This way when you are ready to get it out of storage again, you can easily locate your television no matter where it has been placed in your storage unit.



Having a storage unit can save you the hassle of trying to find the space in your home for items you just don’t need on a day to day basis. When the time comes to store your television, follow the steps above and you can have peace of mind knowing it is safe at Safegard Mini Storage in Portland. Our self-storage facility is constantly protected with video surveillance to protect your valuables 24/7. Call us today for more information regarding our facility and what we can do for you.



Whether you are moving or just taking a few items to storage, it is important to know how to correctly pack your moving truck. Incorrectly packing your truck can damage your items during transit. At Safegard Mini Storage, we want to help you to make the moving process as easy as possible. Our facility in Tigard, Oregon provides storage units that fit a variety of needs and has ease of access for when you do bring in a large moving truck in to store your items. We have listed some tips and tricks below to help you protect your items while they are on the move. 


Have a Plan

The worst thing you could possibly do on moving day is just wing it. It is important to have a game-plan ready when the moving truck arrives. Make sure all of your items are packed, labeled, and ready to go. Talk with those helping you move to decide what items to load first. Make sure you aren’t driving your moving truck during times of heavy traffic or severe weather. 


Stability of Items

It is very important to try and make sure your items will remain as stable as possible and not move during the drive. In order to make sure your items won’t shift and move on the way to your new home or to the storage units, invest in moving-grade boxes. These boxes are made specifically to withstand the constant movement from the truck. Other boxes, such as the ones being reused from grocery stores, are not made to withstand large amounts of weight or movement. You can never have enough wrap or packing peanuts to put into your boxes. You don’t want the items you place in the boxes to move around and possible get damaged. If you are really worried about the stability of your items in the truck you can also purchase tie downs. Taking the necessary precautions is always a good idea. 


Loading the Truck

In order to make the transition from the house to the truck it is best to have a clear path from the door and onto the ramp of the truck. By consolidating all of your items in a room near the front door you can easily have a repetitive path to follow. When you begin loading the truck it is best to start with the heaviest items on the bottom and near the back. Save the lighter items for the top and front of the truck. After the truck is loaded and you are on your way it is best to go directly to your destination. The longer items are moving around in your truck the more likely they are going to get damaged. 


As you arrive at Safegard Mini Storage in Tigard, Oregon your access to your storage unit is easy and stress free. Our facility is protected by a security code personalized specifically to you. Our units come in a variety of sizes to fit all of your items. For more information on our units please call or visit us today


Whether you have little to no closet space or an overabundance of clothing it may be time for you to get creative with your storage options. The first step is to decide what you want to keep, place in storage, or donate. It is wise to remember the option of renting a storage unit at Safegard Mini Storage in Tigard for all those extra seasonal clothes. This will remove a large amount of bulky clothes you just won’t wear during certain months of the year. For the clothes you wish to keep in your home with you, we have provided some creative storage options. 


Add Shelving

We always seem to have a ton of unused wall space in our homes. Take advantage of this space and add shelving to store your shoes, jackets, clothing, and accessories. You can get creative as to where you place this shelving in your home. Placing a shelving unit in your garage can store extra shoes and boots you wear outside often. Have your clothing accessories on display in your bathroom or bedroom with some floating shelves. The options are endless. 


Detached Wardrobe Racks

This is like a closet on wheels, allowing you to store your clothing anywhere you can find space for it in your house. These are especially useful if you are living in a studio apartment without a closet. To get more use out of your wardrobe rack purchase thin hangers to save on space. If you just can’t seem to make it all fit, use soda can tabs to double hang hangers. 


Under Your Bed

We all seem to forget how much space is available under our beds. By purchasing slim storage totes or bins you can easily fold and stow away a large amount of your clothing. It helps if you stay organized and label all of your bins. This way you won’t waste time sifting through large amounts of clothing. 


Use your Bookcase 

A bookcase is a perfect storage option for your clothing and accessories. Repurposing it to hold clothing rather than books is a must when you are short on closet space. If you are diligent in your folding and organizing of clothing, this will provide an easy way to find what you are looking for. 


In small spaces we are often forced to get creative in order to fit in all of our belongings. For all those clothing items you wish to keep but just don’t have room for, consider a storage unit at Safegard Mini Storage in Tigard. We can ensure the safety and quality of all the items you store with us. For more information regarding our storage units please contact us today. 


If you own pets, you probably know what it’s like to have excess clutter around your house. We love our pets but sometimes it can be hard to find a place for all the toys, blankets, and pet beds. Safegard Mini Storage in Tigard has some tips to make storing everything pet-related easier than ever so you don’t have to stress about the mess of toys on your living room floor.

Store What You Can

Do you have dog toys just sitting in boxes not getting used? Sometimes it makes sense to throw those toys out but you may want to hold onto certain pet toys if they have sentimental value. For example - it might be hard to get rid of the very first ball you got your first dog. No problem. Just box up those items and put them into your Tigard storage unit for safekeeping. You may even want to use those items for another dog later on.

Make a Feeding Station

Do you have to take a trek each day just to get dog food to the dog bowl? We recommend purchasing a shelf with a spare drawer and setting it up where you keep the food. You can easily use the spare drawer to store your food and any other pet-related items. This way, the food is always right where you need it when it’s time to fill up those bowls.

Get a Toy Chest

Do you have pet toys just strewn about in various rooms in your home? It may be time for a solution for storing those toys. We recommend getting a chest or bin and placing it in a living or family room. At the end of each day, gather up all pet toys and store them in your chest or bin. Having all of the toys in one place will make cleaning them up hassle-free.

Mount Beds

Now this won’t work for all pets but if you have cats, consider mounting their beds onto a wall to save precious floor space. Cats are nimble and can jump up and down from high places. If you have multiple cats, this is a great way to stagger beds in a room. Cushions placed all over the floor will be an inconvenience of the past.


Separate Medication

It’s probably not smart to keep your medicine and your pet’s medicine in the same spot. Instead, designate a spot for all pet medication and label everything. If something were to happen suddenly, you won’t want to worry about rummaging through all of your medication in addition to your pet meds. Clear separation of the two will save you time and stress.



We hope these pet storage solutions make your life easier. If you don’t have a Tigard storage unit to store any extra pet supplies you don’t have space for, give Safegard Mini Storage a call or drop in and we’ll find a unit that works for you.




Winter will be here before we know it and for some of us, that means storing our motorcycles until it’s warm out again. Motorcycles are prone to things like rust and corrosion, so Tigard Storage recommends using a storage unit to keep it safe and in good condition so that you don’t have to worry all winter. Just make sure to do the following before leaving your motorcycle in storage for months at a time.


Take Care of Tires

Safegard storage recommends not storing your bike so that the weight of the bike is resting on the tires for long periods of time as this can damage them. A rack works well for this but if you are unable to use one, just make sure to rotate the front tires every so often and make sure the tires are completely full before bringing in.


Give it a Wax

Tigard Storage can help protect your bike from getting rust but it’s still a good idea to be proactive and give it a good wax beforehand. This will really help with rust protection and is especially important if you plan on keeping your bike in storage for more than a few months. Not to mention it will help keep your bike looking great.


Change the Oil

Oil in your motorcycle can get pretty mucky after just sitting around, even if it’s just for the winter. Make sure to change your oil beforehand so that it’s as fresh as possible when it’s time to take it out of Tigard Storage. Not doing so could result in an oil change that’s messy and not fun for anyone.


Protect the Exhaust Pipes

Spray down your exhaust pipes with some WD-40 in order to keep them in pristine condition. Once you’ve done this, find some small, clean towels and shove them into the pipes. This will help keep out moisture and will also protect your bike from any pesky critters.



If you still have questions on how to prepare your motorcycle for Tigard Storage, give us a call and we’d be happy to answer any questions.



If you have a Tigard storage unit at Safegard Mini Storage, you probably are missing out on the opportunity to store all kinds of things that you would never think to store. Sometimes using storage seems obvious but there may be all types of belongings taking up space in your home when they could be sitting safe and secure in storage. Here are just a few!


Old Photographs

You might have boxes of old photographs sitting around but are hesitant to store them because of their sentimental value. Safegard Mini Storage provides you with a secure Tigard storage unit so that you don’t have to worry. We have 24-7 surveillance and do everything we can to ensure that your precious belongings are safe. Maybe it’s time to put away those old photographs and keepsakes, they’ll be there when you’re ready for them.


Seasonal Decorations

If you like to decorate your home for the seasons, you may have a lot of decorations just sitting around in boxes when not in use. Why not store those decorations and pull them out when it’s the right time of year? Then you don’t have to worry about the struggle of finding somewhere to put them each year.


Halloween Costumes

This is another seasonal item that you may want to consider storing. Halloween costumes can quickly accumulate especially if you have a large family and kids that want a new costume each year. You might not want to throw costumes away because they might just come in handy later on so we recommend storing them for the time being.


Old Clothing

Do you have clothing that you just don’t want to part with but aren’t currently wearing? Maybe you’re saving the clothing for sentimental reasons or maybe you know someone that could wear them down the road, regardless of the reason, they’re taking up space. We recommend boxing up the clothes you won’t need for awhile and heading over to your storage unit.


We hope this inspires you to go through your home and store anything that you might not have thought to store before. Getting organized is a great way to rejuvenate and feel refreshed in your home.



If you’re feeling overwhelmed, chances are there is extra clutter in your life taking up space. Getting rid of clutter is not only a great way to reduce stress and simplify your life, it’s a great opportunity to decide what you can store at your local Safegard Mini Storage facility in Tigard. I’m sure we could all feel like being a little less cramped at home would be a good thing. Here are a few things you can do to start decluttering your home little by little.


Give Away an Item a Day

One item might not seem like a lot but if you give away an item a day, you’re looking at 365 items by the end of the year! That’s a lot of stuff and you’ll see that it will make a difference overtime. We recommend donating items but you can also throw away or recycle them as needed.


Fill up One Trash Bag

The thought of decluttering all at once can be daunting to say the least. Try grabbing a single trash bag and filling it to it’s brim with papers and other junk that’s been sitting around taking up space. Feeling up that one bag will make a huge difference and gives you an opportunity to get rid of that junk mail that’s been bothering you.


Organize Your Closet

Some of us struggle with finding something to wear in the morning, despite a closet that may be overflowing with clothes. Sometimes we hold onto clothes for much longer than needed for sentimental reasons. Try going through the closet and donating everything that doesn’t fit, or anything that you haven’t touched in 6 months. Chances are slim that you would be wearing those things anytime soon. This also make picking out that daily outfit a lot less stressful.


Focus on One Room at a Time

Decluttering your entire house certainly doesn’t sound too fun but one room? That sounds doable. Start with one room and go through it in order to identify what you’d like to throw out, donate, or store at your storage facility in Tigard. Once you’re finished, give yourself a few days break before tackling the next room.


Give Yourself 5 Minutes

If this is all too much, tell yourself that you will take 5 minutes out of your day, every day to focus on getting rid of clutter in your life. Even the busiest of people should have 5 minutes to spare each day. This can become habit pretty quickly and you’ll start to see your home transform.